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All power is of God. What is not of Him has no power to do anything.” Ch. 10, 42

“The resurrection is the complete triumph of Christ over the ego, not by attack but by transcendence.” Ch. 10, 59

“Would you join in the resurrection or the crucifixion?” Ch. 10, 60

“You will awaken to your own call, for the Call to awake is within you.” Ch. 10, 67

“Fear is a symptom of your deep sense of loss. If you when you perceive it in others you learn to supply the loss, the basic cause of fear is removed.” Ch. 11, 11

“By interpreting fear correctly as a positive affirmation of the underlying belief it masks, you are undermining its perceived usefulness by rendering it useless.” Ch. 11, 12

“You will be whole as you make whole, for to perceive in sickness the appeal for health is to recognize in hatred the call for love. Answer his call for love and yours is answered.” Ch 11, 16

“Do not let your hatred stand in the way of love, for nothing can withstand the love of Christ for His Father or His Father’s love for Him” Ch. 11, 19

“I once asked if you were willing to sell all you have and give to the poor and follow me. This is what I meant: If you had no investment in anything in this world, you could teach the poor where their treasure is.” Ch. 11, 24

“Whenever you become angry with a brother, for whatever reason, you are believing that the ego is to be saved and to be saved by attack. ” Ch. 11, 26

“Salvation is for the mind, and it is attained through peace. This is the only thing that can be saved and the only way to save it. Never lose sight of this, and never allow yourself to believe even for an instant that there is another answer.” Ch. 11, 28

“To identify with the ego is to attack yourself and make yourself poor. That is why everyone who identifies with the ego feels deprived. What he experiences then is depression or anger, but what he did is to exchange his self-love for self-hate, making him afraid of himself.” Ch. 11, 29

“Yet you must invest in it, not with money, but with your spirit. For Spirit is will, and will is the “price” of the Kingdom.” Ch. 11, 42

“When you want only love you will see nothing else… Love is recognized by its messengers. If you make love manifest, its messengers will come to you because you invited them.” Ch. 11, 69

“Remember, then, that whenever you look without and react unfavorably to what you see, you have judged yourself unworthy and have condemned yourself to death.” Ch. 11, 74

“If you seek love in order to attack it, you will never find it. For if love is sharing, how can you find it except through itself.” Ch. 11, 77

“Because of your Father’s love you can never forget Him, for no one can forget what God Himself placed in his memory. You can deny it, but you cannot lose it. A Voice will answer every question you ask, and a Vision will correct the perception of everything you see. For what you have made invisible is the only truth, and what you have not heard is the only answer. God would reunite you with yourself and did not abandon you in your seeming distress. You are waiting only for Him and do not know it. Yet His memory shines in your minds an cannot be obliterated. It is no more past than future, being forever always.” Ch. 11, 80

“Christ is invisible to you because of what you have made visible to yourselves. Yet it does not matter how much distance you have tried to impose between your awareness and truth.” Ch. 11, 82

Love does not kill to save.” Ch. 11, 87

“And now the reason why you are afraid of this course should be apparent. For this is a course on love because it is about you. You have been told that your function in this world is healing, and your function in Heaven is creating. The ego teaches that your function on earth is destruction and that you have no function at all in Heaven. It would thus destroy you here and buy you here, leaving you no inheritance except the dust out of which it thinks you were made. As long as it is reasonably satisfied with you, as its reasoning goes, it offers you oblivion. When it becomes overtly savage, it offers  you hell.” Ch. 12, 23

“You cannot enter into real relationships with any of God’s Sons unless you love them all and equally. Love is not special. If you single out part of the Sonship for your love, you are imposing guilt on all your relationships and making them unreal. You can love only as God loves. Seek not to love unlike Him, for there is no love apart from His. Until you recognize that this is true, you will have no idea what love is like. No one who condemns a brother can see himself as guiltless in the peace of God. If he is guiltless and in peace and sees it not, he is delusional and has not looked upon himself. To him I say,

Behold the Son of God and look upon his purity and be still. In quiet look upon his loneliness and offer thanks unto his Father that no guilt has ever touched him.” Ch. 13, 30

“My faith in you is strong as all the love I give my Father.” Ch. 13, 33

“Forgetfulness and sleep and even death become the ego’s best advice for how to deal with the perceived and harsh intrusion of guilt on peace.” Ch. 13, 35

“Heaven is perfectly ambiguous. Everything is clear and bright and calls forth one response. There is no darkness, and there is no contrast. There is no variation. There is no interruption. There is a sense of peace so deep that no dream in this world has ever brought even a dim imagining of what it is.” Ch. 13, 37

“The Holy Spirit will restore your sanity, because insanity is not  the Will of God.” Ch. 13, 41

“Peace will be yours, because His peace still flows to you from Him Whose Will is peace.” Ch. 13, 42

“When you teach anyone that truth is true, you learn it with him. And so you learn that what seemed hardest was the easiest. Learn to be happy learners. You will never learn how to make nothing everything. Yet see that this has been your goal and recognize how foolish it has been. Be glad it is undone, for when you look at it in simple honesty, it is undone. We said before, ‘Be not content with nothing.’ for you have believed that nothing could content you. It is not so.” Ch. 13, 60

“Behold your brothers in their freedom and learn of them how to be free of darkness. The light in you will waken them, and they will not leave you asleep. The vision of Christ is given the very instant that it is perceived. Where everything is clear, it is impossible to deny the simple truth. For there is nothing else. God is everywhere, and His Son is in Him with everything. Can he sing the dirge of sorrow when this is true?” Ch. 13, 63

“The happy learner cannot feel guilty about learning.” Ch. 13, 64

“The way to teach this simple lesson is merely this: guiltlessness is invulnerability.” Ch. 13, 71

“No thought of God’s Son  can be separate or isolated in its effects.” Ch. 13, 73

“The guiltless and the guilty are totally incapable of understanding one another. Each perceives the other like himself, making them unable to communicate because each sees the other unlike the way he sees himself. God can communicate only to the Holy Spirit in your mind because only He shares the knowledge of what you are with God. And only the Holy Spirit can answer God for you, for only He knows what God is. Everything else that you have placed within your mind cannot exist, for what is not in communication with the Mind of God has never been. Communication with God is life. Nothing without it is at all.” Ch. 14, 4

“God’s Son is guiltless.” Ch. 14, 6

“Teach peace with me and stand with me on holy ground.” Ch. 14, 13

“The crucifixion has no part in the Atonement. Only the resurrection became my part in it. That is the symbol of the release from guilt by guiltlessness. Whom you perceive is guilty, you would crucify. Yet you restore guiltlessness to whomever you see as guiltless. Crucifixion is always the ego’s aim. It sees as guilty, and by its condemnation, it would kill. The Holy Spirit sees only guiltlessness, and in His gentleness, He would release from fear and reestablish the reign of love. The power of love is in His gentleness, which is of God and therefore cannot crucify nor suffer crucifixion. The temple you restore becomes your altar, for it was rebuilt through you. And everything you give to God is yours. Thus He creates, and thus must you restore.” Ch. 14., 14

“If you leave him without, you join him there. Judge not except in quietness which is not of you. Refuse to accept anyone as without the blessing of Atonement, and bring him into it by blessing him.” Ch. 14, 15

“The journey that we undertake together is the exchange of dark for light, of ignorance for understanding. Nothing you understand is fearful.” Ch. 14, 16

“Forget not that you came this far together. And it was surely not the ego that led you here. No obstacle to peace can be surmounted through its help.” Ch. 19, 97

“Here is the rest and quiet that you seek, the reason for the journey from its beginning. Heaven is the gift you owe each other, the debt of gratitude you offer to the Son of God in thanks for what he is and what his Father created him to be.” Ch. 19, 108

“You came this far because the journey was your choice. And no one undertakes to do what he believes is meaningless. What you had faith in still is faithful and watches over you in faith so gentle yet so strong that it would lift you far beyond the veil and place the Son of God safely within the sure protection of his Father. Here is the only purpose that gives this world and the long journey through this world whatever meaning lies in them. Beyond this they are meaningless. You stand together, still without conviction they have purpose. Yet it is given you to see this purpose in your holy Friend and recognize it is your own.” Ch. 19, 110

“Gifts are not made through bodies if they be truly given and received.” Ch. 20, 6

“You have the vision now to look past all illusions. It has been given you to see no thorns, no strangers, and no obstacles to peace. The fear of God is nothing to you now.” Ch. 20, 11

“A murderer is frightened, and those who kill fear death.” Ch. 20, 19

“Ask not this transient stranger, ‘What am I?’ He is the only thing in all the universe that does not know.” Ch. 20, 23

“Did you meet with joy to bless the Son of God and give him thanks for all the happiness which he held out to you? That is the purpose of your holy relationship.” Ch. 20, 24

“Prisoners bound with heavy chains for years, starved and emaciated, weak and exhausted and with eyes so long cast down in darkness they remember not the light, do not leap up in joy the instant they are made free. It takes a while for them to understand what freedom is. You groped but feebly in the dust and found each other’s hand, uncertain whether to let it go or to take hold on life so long forgotten. Strengthen your hold and raise your eyes unto your strong companion, in whom the meaning of your freedom lies. He seemed to be crucified beside you. And yet his holiness remained untouched and perfect, and with him beside you, you shall this day enter with him to Paradise and know the peace of God.” Ch. 20, 25

“Idols accept, but never make return. They can be loved, but cannot love. They do not understand what they are offered, and nay relationship in which they enter has lost its meaning.” Ch. 20, 47

“Love has no darkened temples where mysteries are kept obscure an hidden from the sun. It does not seek for power, but for relationships. The body is the ego’s chosen weapon for seeking power through relationships. And its relationships must be unholy, for what they are, it does not even see. It wants them solely for the offerings on which idols thrive. The rest it merely throws away, for all that it could offer is seen as valueless. Homeless, the ego seeks as many bodies as it can collect to place its idols in and so establish them as temples to itself.” Ch. 20, 48

“The Holy Spirit’s temple is not a body, but a relationship.” Ch. 20, 49

“Why is it strange to you that faith can move mountains?” Ch. 21, 31

“Faith and belief and vision are the means by which the goal of holiness is reached.” Ch. 21, 32

“Yet no illusion can invade His home and drive Him out of what He loves forever. And what He loves must be forever quiet and at peace because it is His home. And you who are beloved of Him are no illusions, being as true and holy as Himself.” Ch. 23, 15

“The first chaotic law is that the truth is different for everyone.” Ch. 21, 20

“The second law of chaos, dear indeed to every worshiper of sin, is that each one must sin and therefore deserves attack and death.” Ch. 21, 22

“And lack of faith in love in any form attest to chaos as reality.” Ch. 21, 38

“What is the same can not be different, And what is one can not have separate parts.” Ch. 25, 11

“Minds that are joined and recognize they are can feel no guilt. For they cannot attack, and they rejoice that this is so, seeing their safety in this happy fact. Their joy is in the innocence they see.” Ch. 25, 32

“Eyes become used to darkness, and the light of brilliant day seems painful to the light of brilliant day seems painful to the eyes grown long accustomed to the dim effects perceived at twilight.” Ch. 25, 44

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