Best YouTube Channels for Studying or Working

There is something about the perfect musical set that creates the mood for any situation. For example, simply by changing the music track, the same iPhone memory reel (or Android Google Photos memories) will look different. Happy photos can somehow have When you’re studying or working, the perfect music can make or break your ability to get in the zone.

So if you are looking for the perfect background music or ambient sounds to boost your focus while studying or working, you’re at the right place.

We have curated a list of the best YouTube channels that provide the ideal blend of calming tunes, instrumental beats and ambient vibes to amplify your productivity.

  1. Lo-fi Girl (ChilledCow):
    • Renowned for its iconic lo-fi hip-hop beats, Lo-fi Girl’s stream offers a relaxing atmosphere with an animated girl studying. Perfect for maintaining a steady workflow.
  2. Quiet Quest:
    • This is one of our favorite
  3. Cozy Coffee Shop:
    • This channel features a variety of study music playlists, including genres like lo-fi, classical, and instrumental. Find the perfect background to match your mood.
  4. Chill Music Lab:
    • Whether you are working, studying, programming, or training, this channel features various playlists to help get your head in the zone.
  5. Cafe Music BGM Channel:
    • Transport yourself to a cozy cafe with this channel’s delightful selection of jazz, bossa nova, and acoustic tunes. It’s like bringing the cafe ambiance to your workspace.
  6. The Jazz Hop Café:
    • For those who enjoy the fusion of jazz and hip-hop, this channel provides a sophisticated yet energetic backdrop to your study or work sessions.
  7. Ambient Worlds:
    • Dive into fantasy realms with Ambient Worlds, which creates epic soundscapes inspired by popular books, movies, and video games. Ideal for sparking creativity.
  8. Piano Dreamers:
    • If you prefer the elegance of piano melodies, Piano Dreamers delivers soothing piano covers of popular songs, providing a serene environment for concentration.
  9. HalidonMusic:
    • This is official channel of the Italian record label Halidon. Their music catalog ranges from classical and instrumental to jazz, pop, and world music. If classical and instrumental music is your vibe, this is a great channel to add to your productivity music playlists.
  10. Brainwave Music:
    • Explore the world of binaural beats and brainwave entrainment. This channel provides music designed to stimulate different brainwave frequencies for improved focus and relaxation.
  11. Chillhop Music:
    • Chillhop blends smooth hip-hop beats with calming instrumental music. Perfect for creating a laid-back atmosphere that supports both concentration and relaxation.

Experiment with these channels to find the perfect soundtrack for your study or work sessions. Whether you prefer instrumental beats, calming nature sounds, or a combination of both, these YouTube channels offer a diverse range of options to meet your preferences. Improve your productivity and make the most out of your study or work time with these wonderful free resources!

Honorable Mention:

Nature Sounds by BBC Earth
Immerse yourself in the sounds of nature with high-quality recordings by BBC Earth. From rainforest ambiance to ocean waves, these natural sounds can promote a calm working environment.

Nebularis Lofi
This channel is new and features a retro downtempo electronic vibe. At the time of writing, there are only two mixes available, Voyager I and Voyage II.

Paid Focus Music Streaming Platforms Backed by Science

Brain.FM: This provider claims that their music is scientifically proven to increase focus. “Get more done with less effort, and unlock your best self on demand.”

Focus@Will: This channel is designed specifically to enhance focus and productivity. It offers various music genres scientifically curated to optimize your brain’s performance.

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Best YouTube Channels for Studying or Working


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