Bruce Lipton – Programming Your Subconscious Mind To Use 100 Percent of Your Brain

Bruce Lipton Explains Programming Your Subconscious Mind to Use 100 Percent of Your Brain

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Bruce Lipton Programming Your Subconscious Mind To Use 100 Percent of Your Brain


This month’s newsletter I really want to focus on something called an urban myth. And this particular urban myth is the belief that we only operate off of 10% of our brain. So we’ve all heard that yes we’re only using 10% of our brain. Boy if we could use all the rest of it, we’d be super smart, but hey that’s all we use.

Bruce Lipton Programming Your Subconscious Mind

Firstly, where did that number come from 10%? 

A long time ago when putting the body together through an understanding of histology and the cells that make up organs, a study of the brain revealed one very important fact. And that is only 10% of the brain was made up of neurons. 90% of the cells in the brain were not neurons, but they were called supporting or connective tissue and given the name glial cells. 

Well what’s really interesting about that is, in the neuron principle the neuron doctrine, it was believed that the neurons were the functional cells of the brain. And the glial cells were more or less just support. Well then, by definition right away it says then you’re only using 10% of your brain. Because that’s all the neurons comprise in the brain, 10%. 

For a long time, the glial cells again were thought to be just like connective tissue support physically and nutritionally the neurons. 

But over the last number of decades what we started to find is this:

There was a misunderstanding about glial cells, that glial cells a lot more important in neural function than just physical support. Glial cells can inhibit or activate neurons. Glial cells connect to neurons, glial cells can control the activity of neurons. So all of a sudden, these glial cells which were looked at as just passive cells in the brain, turn out to be actually quite functional at integrating the nature of how the brain works. 

A way of looking at it is in a simple analogy. Consider the neurons are nouns in a sentence. And that the glial cells are the verbs and the adjectives and the adverbs, the modifiers of all the nouns.

So the glial cells create a fulfillment of a picture.  

So neurons are like a stick figure and when you add the glial cells you fill out the nature of the whole human. Glial cells become a very functional integrated part of all neuronal activity. So the concept of the neuron doctrine said that only neurons are involved with functioning in the nervous system. It turns out that glial cells are as well. Now we’re not dealing with 10% of the brain, we’re dealing with 100% of the brain. 

YES. You have access to a hundred percent. 

You have access to a hundred percent of your brain all of the time. But does that mean we actually use the whole brain all of the time? The answer is no!

Because what we start to find out is when we start to live in patterns and in habits, that what happens is we just activate certain neuronal pathways that are habitual pathways. And as a result, these are the pathways that have preference in our everyday life. 

But if you can engage whole brain activity, you can enhance your consciousness and your awareness and your ability to control your life. 

So basically says that we can become whole brain when we start to think holistically instead of playing recurrent programs that play over and over again, and activate the same pathways. So the relevance is that once we start to engage in whole brain activity, we enhance our ability as humans on this planet. And now we’re beginning to find out there are many different ways to engage and activate the whole brain. Some of them involve simple exercises such as something called brain gym.

And brain gym is a very interesting exercise of the body and the nervous system integration in this way:

My right hand is controlled by my left hemisphere. My left hand is controlled by my right hemisphere. But here’s an interesting story. If my right hand controlled by my left hemisphere crosses the midline, then it simultaneously gets picked up by the other hemisphere because now its in that territory as well. 

So when you cross your arms and when you cross your legs, what you’re doing is causing the right and the left hemispheres to work together in harmony. When we are activating brain synchronization where right and left hemispheres are engaged simultaneously, it activates something like super learning. 

Super Learning

With both hemispheres working together, we have much more superior characteristics of neural function. However after age seven and eight, we start to express what is called brain dominance. Meaning, during the day, we don’t have synchronization of both hemispheres. During the day, it’s like a waveform. Sometimes we’re more in the left, sometimes we’re more in the right. Then it goes back to the left and back to the right. 

So that we are cycling through one hemisphere at a time.

This is brain dominance. 

Where one hemisphere of the brain is dominant over the other hemisphere. Well the relevance about that is integrating our lives is very difficult in brain dominance. For simple reason has been suggested our left hemisphere is based on logic and details. Our right hemisphere is actually associated with emotions and wholeness. And this becomes very important because if you’re only looking with your left hemisphere then all the logic things make sense, but there’s no emotional component to it. And reverse, if you’re in the right hemisphere, you get emotionally tied up, but the logic drops out. 


Well this happens to us ever since the time we were eight through our adult life. If you can get both hemispheres to be in sync, “Hemi-Sync,” then you’re engaging logic and emotions at the same time. 

That opens up a window for super learning opportunities where you can download information very quickly and very fast. But it also opens up a whole wide range of thinking that includes an emotional component as well as an intellectual component. Which is necessary to fulfill a whole picture. 

So if you’re operating from brain dominance, you’re actually shutting off one component of your nervous system at that time. So if you do an exercise like brain gym where you’re involved with crossing your arms and your legs—when you do that, you start to integrate both. Very interestingly, when we have hemi-sync, we’re much more calm, collected, and able to really express neurological functions that are very fully supporting of ourselves. 

And this is why it’s very interesting

When you go home and relax at night, sometimes you find yourself with your ankles crossing over each other just sitting in your chair, without even knowing what you’re doing. By crossing your ankles, you’re actually engaging a whole brain process. So if you’re stressed for example during the day or you just want to relax when you go home at night, crossing your arms and legs actually engages both hemispheres which calms the system down. But it engages a whole brain process. 

So you become much more effective in your relaxed state. So if you’re having a tough moment during the day, just take a moment cross your arms and legs and hold them together. And just wait for about three or four minutes. You’ll start to feel a calmness over come you. And in this calmness, your neurological functions will be totally enhanced. When we start to operate from patterns that we replay every day, we start to express very specific pathways that we reuse over and over and over again. And as a result, we actually shut down a large amount of functioning of the brain and just go through the habit. The patterns that replay themselves over and over again. 

So basically what you really have to understand is this…

We can use 100 percent of the brain. But if we play the same patterns over and over again, we don’t need to use a hundred percent of the brain. So simple point, I just like to suggest that, you know, once you start to recognize you can have hemi-sync. Where you can get right and left hemispheres to engage together and stay conscious, you are using 100 percent of your brain activity. And when you do that, you’ll also find that your life is easier, more harmonious, and healthier. 

Because when you’re using your full nervous system, it will support your life and enhance your growth. And this becomes important, so don’t get stuck that I’m only using 10% of my brain. 

That story is false. 

You can use 100 percent. And it’s available to us and basically all you have to understand is this, stay conscious. 

Stay Conscious.

Stay mindful. And stop playing the same patterns over and over again. Because that opens up an opportunity to create new behavior when you stop playing the programs. 

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