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Travel often inspires the best in us. By visiting other places in the world than that which you are accustomed to, meeting new people and visiting unknown places, our senses are heightened to experience new things. One simply cannot appreciate what they have and do not have unless they’ve experienced differently.

“The main reason I wanted to go was to be immersed in my passions and my interests because that’s when you’re turned on. When you have a lot of great ideas. Anybody who’s gone traveling, you know that you have some of your most creative thinking when you’re on the road and you’re meeting people from other countries, and you’re experiencing other cultures, smelling foreign smells, tasting foreign foods. By definition, your senses are totally turned on–right, and all synapses are firing. That’s when you have some of the best ideas.”

Many of us can relate from past experiences of travel. Perhaps if you have not yet created the opportunity to travel, you may have experienced a feeling of “wanderlust,” or a strong desire to travel. With our increasing exposure to other parts of the world through the internet and digital media, travel is more common and popular than it was in the past. With that said, it is important to be mindful that we can be completely happy living our lives where we are and to express gratitude.

GoPro founder Nick Woodman discovered his passion by planning a trip to do what he loved to do the most.
The video is an hour long, but worthwhile.

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