Heal Documentary

Heal Documentary by Kelly Noonan Gores.

In this documentary directed and written by Kelly Noonan Gores, we meet the world’s most advanced healers and scientists who advocate for our body’s natural healing intelligence in modern medicine.

Film synopsis:

A documentary film that takes us on a scientific and spiritual journey where we discover that by changing one’s perceptions, beliefs and emotions, the human body can heal itself from any dis-ease.

Featured Healers

  • Deepak Chopra
  • Joseph Dispenza
  • Marianne Williamson
  • Michael Beckwith
  • Gregg Braden
  • Kelly Turner
  • Bruce Lipton
  • Peter Crone
  • Kelly Brogan
  • Patti Penn
  • Anita Moorjani
  • Dianne Porchia
  • Anthony William
  • Rob Wergin
  • Joan Borysenko
  • David Hamilton
  • Mark Emerson
  • Bernie Siegel

What Is Heal About?

Kelly Noonan Gores interviews the worlds leading doctors, healers, scientists, and spiritualists in the field of healing. It is a fascinating compilation where you can hear from the best on the subject in one video.

Who Should Watch This Documentary

If you are new to or an avid student in natural healing and advocacy of your body’s natural ability to heal from anything, this is the film for you. It discusses some fascinating concepts such as how your mindset can affect your body’s ability to go from sick to well. In the film we are introduced to spontaneous healing and examples of how it happened to real patients from various diseases, including cancer.

Spontaneous healing (aka called spontaneous remission or spontaneous regression) is an unexpected improvement or cure from a disease that usually progresses. Spontaneous healing is often used when an unexpected improvement and/or full recovery is made from cancer. For example, one of the most inspiring stories we learned from the film was a woman who had stage 4 cancer, who somehow recovered within a year. We follow her journey and how she got to that point. Her doctors were so surprised at what happened that they told her they must have misdiagnosed her.

In this documentary film, you’ll find:

—Heart Coherence

—The Placebo vs Nocebo Effect

—Spontaneous Healing

—Life-changing stories of healing people from all walks of life with different health problems

—How stress hormones inhibit the immune system

Meaningful Notes

Dr. Joe Dispenza – Author of Becoming Supernatural

Dr. Joe Dispenza focuses on creating heart coherence. If you achieve heart coherence, it connects directly to the brain. He tells his story of how he was hit by a car while training for the bicycling portion for a marathon—and how he made a full recovery without surgery. As a result, he fractured 6 vertebrae and was told by the best surgeons that he needed to perform surgery or he would never walk again.

He explains to us that it took him months to perfect his visualizing the reconstruction of his spine without becoming distracted.

It is important to understand that there is a big difference between thinking and being/feeling. It is the elevated emotion on command that connects us to a new future.

You don’t want the emotions that are created from the hormones of stress. They keep us connected to the past.

If you think about it, when you start to feel bad about anything…don’t you tend to replay a past situation in your mind over and over again? So we learn that when we feel bad, we are in the past.

Marianne Williamson – Author of A Return To Love

She shares with us that we all are part of and possess a natural intelligence to heal.

There is a natural intelligence that leads those cells from the embryo to the baby. There’s a natural intelligence that leads the acorn into an oak tree. There’s a natural intelligence that keeps the planets revolving around the sun. We would not have been able to evolve without having a mechanism which allows us to take a hit. And that’s what disease is, that’s what injury is. You took a hit. But the body’s immune system is the way the body corrects.

Marianne williamson

That intelligence is giving us life. It keeps our heart beating and digests our food. This intelligence runs through the autonomic nervous system. It is the greatest healer in the world. All we have to do is get out of the way.

Bruce Lipton – Author of The Biology of Belief

We learn through one of his conversations in the video that stress hormones inhibit the immune system. He explains to us how effectively stress inhibits our body’s ability to fight off foreign entities. He teaches us that when doctors want to transplant an organ from Person A to Person B, the doctor gives the patient stress hormones. AFTER administering the stress hormone, they transplant the organ. Why would they do that? The organ is literally a foreign object. Therefore, the body would naturally reject the organ. So by giving the patient stress hormones, their immune system is shut down. So that way, the patient’s natural immune system will not reject the foreign organ.

Gregg Braden – Author of The God Code

What really fascinates me is the inner environment. This is the environment that the Buddha talked to us about so eloquently. And the Buddha said that every man and woman is the architect of their own healing and their own destiny.

gregg braden

In one of his conversations, he shares that we need to work at healing our emotional hurts in a healthy way. If we don’t we tend to pass on those hurts on to others, especially children and those we interact with. He says, “So if we have caregivers who are really conscious and have learned to manage their emotions and heal their hurts in a healthy way, that’s a really good thing.”

Darren Weissman

So what happens if we are growing up or grew up in an environment where there is trauma in the household (alcoholism, family conflict, inflamed relationships)? According to Darren Weissman, Founder of The Lifeline Center, “If we don’t have the tools to process our emotions in a given moment, that becomes a memory that is not fully formed. We end up seeing our self in the world around us as if we are still four years of age and the environment of conflict, trauma, and drama.”

We learn that as a result, we filter life this way and therefore feel those feelings over and over again. Every time we see colors, sounds, smells, tastes that trigger these past feelings—BOOM—we react as if that memory were going on for the first time. That explanation makes sense for why sometimes when we get confronted with a person or situation, we often end up saying things or acting in a manner that we normally wouldn’t when we are calm and collected.

This is because it is the subconscious mind operating. So you can try to outrun the subconscious mind, just like you can try to outrun a shadow. However, you will realize that you can’t and must turn around and face it. We learn that you have to see the problem as the portal. So we need to recognize that these symptoms and stressors are meaningful and brilliantly intelligent in waking us up.

Dianne Porchia

Sacred Anger Work

So when the sacred anger work comes up and there is anger in a session that is ready to move, we will go out on the back hillside and we throw rocks. She explains that she and her client will throw rocks at the hillside as hard as they can to move the stuck energy within their body.

This is a pretty cool exercise. I tried it when I got upset the other day and instead of going for a run, I picked up a bunch of rocks and started throwing them as hard as I could at the side of the hill where there was nobody around. It felt really good to get that energy out that way! 🙂


If we stay in fear and resistance, we not only waste valuable energy that we can use to heal, but we are closed off to information and possibility. If we instead ask ourselves, what is this pain or condition trying to tell me, it creates space so that the answers can come into our awareness.

Heal Documentary

Heal Documentary

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Heal Documentary

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