Bounce Back

“Show me somebody who can take a hit and I’ll show you a good entrepreneur.” -Barbara Corcoran

The world is an amazing place. In the process of living life, it sometimes doesn’t seem that way. To be honest, the real world is really tough! When we hit a rough patch, whether it is over the course of a moment, a few days, or what might take longer, how can we take a hit and bounce back?

We have all endured rejection. While rejection isn’t always the end, it needs to be handled in a positive manner.

1. Stay Present
Take a deep breath and just breathe. Before taking any actions or saying anything you might regret, take a few minutes to breathe deeply. Don’t try to change how you feel, just breathe.

Then acknowledge and consider why it is that you are upset over the situation. Remember that what determines the future is the present moment, not the past. The past may have led you to the current moment, but what happens next is entirely up to what you do with the present moment.

2. Express Yourself Constructively
Journal, go for a walk/run, cry, scream, jump into the ocean. Get that energy out of your system. Eat your favorite food, take a shower, sing in the shower, drive your car, meditate, take care of yourself.

3. Evaluate Your Situation
Write a pros and cons list. Consider what works, what doesn’t work. Listen to yourself.

4. Make A Decision
Take complete responsibility for who you are and how you perceive the world. Ask yourself what you want. Identify the shortest path to getting what you want. Choose your path, take action.

5. Move forward
Can’t look back, forward only. Don’t hold any grudges or be upset with the past. Right now is a new moment and you have the power to live your life on purpose. Protect your power and move on. Your greatest successes are ahead of you.

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