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Imaginal Nation | Bruce Lipton

Dr. Bruce Lipton – Imaginal Nation

Source: Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

Imaginal Nation | Bruce Lipton

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Well here we are, deep in the summer in the northern hemisphere. And the world is looking kind of crazy out there. You look on the internet, or read the newspaper, or watch the TV News—you’ll start to see there is an upheaval going around on this planet. Well it’s not a coincidence that this is all happening right now for a simple reason.

Human civilization has precipitated what is called the sixth mass extinction of life.

We have undermined the web of life so much that we cannot support ourselves in this world. We are going extinct. Because of our behavior. I go, well, what does that mean? When you look at the world, there’s two ways you can look at it. Especially the way I perceive it—because, one way, I am a citizen of the world.

And when I look at the news, I go, “Oh my God, I can’t believe the craziness that we are experiencing. And yet, on the other hand, if I put my white lab coat on, and become the scientist and stand back and go, “wow, everything is right on schedule.”

Everything is happening just right.

How can you get these two different opinions? The answer is this: science says we are facing a mass extinction. Human civilization has to recreate itself.

The craziness that’s going on is an important aspect of that new civilization. Because the civilization we have is destructive. And we cannot build a sustainable civilization on this foundation. So what are we looking at? A destruction of an existing civilization, and a simultaneous creation of a new thrivable future.

You have probably heard before the understanding that there is no such thing as a new story.

To try to understand what is going on in our world today, I can tell you a story that actually replicates everything we are doing. It is called the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. The caterpillar is a multicellular organization, where all the cells are individuals, working together in harmony in the body of that caterpillar. But the caterpillar is a voracious organism.

When put on a plant, will eat every leaf off of that plant. It will destroy everything in its environment.

And when it ends destroying its environment, it then goes into a cocoon, in which a metamorphosis process ultimately creates a butterfly. And I say the difference is, the caterpillar is the most voracious of organisms. And the butterfly has the lightest touch on nature. Perhaps, it doesn’t even touch the ground for most of its life.

And I say, so what’s the relevance? Well, between the caterpillar, and the butterfly, something is going on in that cocoon that relates to today’s world.

What’s going on?

If you were a cell in the body of that caterpillar, and you look around at the caterpillar. It’s not eating, not moving, not doing anything. You start to realize the cells are losing their work. There are no jobs, the cells are not doing anything. And the body of the caterpillar starts to fall apart. There’s a soup of all these cells or individuals in a soup going, “what are we doing?”

And in that soup there are a group of cells called Imaginal Cells.

The imaginal cells have a vision of a future. One where they can thrive into the future in community and harmony. I say, “so what?”

Well the imaginal cells, then, guide the cells that are out of work. Saying, there is a better civilization available to us. And all the cells that were breaking down from the caterpillar start to assemble into the new structure called the butterfly.

Civilization at this moment, is in the metamorphosis stage of a voracious destructive civilization breaking down as the individuals start to assemble into a new thriveable civilization.

For the Future

Again, there’s the situation about no new stories. But we are playing an old story that repeats itself. The particular story I am talking about involves the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, the land is so low to the sea level, that the water would generally come on the land and flood it all the time. So, the dutch built dikes to hold back the sea—so that they can utilize the farm land.

Netherland Dikes

One day a boy passing by the dike notices a hole in the dike where water is streaming through. Well the problem is that the force of the water streaming through, the hole starts to get a little bit bigger.

Inevitably, this would cause the collapse of the entire dike. So the boy puts his finger in the dike to stop the water. And he sat there all day and all night, until the next day people found him holding back the water.

Well, the boy didn’t change the world. What it did, was stop the falling apart of the world.

And this allowed the public to come together and build a better, stronger dike to hold it back.

So in today’s world, the dike that was holding us together in this community is beginning to fall apart. And are we going to fix this overnight? The dike is fixed and tomorrow there’s a new world?

No, first thing, we have to stop the leak. Once the leak is stopped. Then we can build a new one.

That is the mission we are facing right now.

So in today’s destruction of civilization, is there anywhere we can go?

Are we destroying our world?

The answer is yes. It was already demonstrated by the government of Tunisia. Tunisia was the Arab country that precipitated the Arab Spring. Where a man burned himself alive because under the pressures of a government he found as an individual could not survive.

Mohamed Bouazizi burned himself alive.

It spread through the whole Arab region where people started to recognize they could not get ahead because of the oppressive leadership.

Countries in the entire region recognizing they needed to change.

And like Tunisia, threw out the dictators. Now the issue is this: Tunisia gets rid of its corrupt leader, but now has no constitution to live by. And so, the prevailing parliament comes together to create a new constitution. And it failed day after day for a simple reason. Because the polarized factors in the parliament kept fighting over their disagreements.

And then everything changed on a very important day.

That was an election day. I say, well, what was relevant? Because this is the first time women were introduced to the parliament. And with the attitude of women, the whole outcome of the parliament changed!

Because the women said, “Why should we waste our time focusing on what we disagree on? We should first put together a government based on the things we DO agree on.”

Rather than working on the disparities, coming together in unity, lead to the most effective and profound constitution of any country on this planet.

So effective that the Nobel Peace Prize was given to Tunisia for the creation of the most humanitarian form of constitution in the world.

Tunisia Nobel Peace Prize.

So I want to close with one very important point. It’s a choice.

I can wear my citizen hat and out out there and GASP, freak myself out. Interfere my immune system with all the stresses. Or, I could sit back and go, “Yeah, it’s unfortunate, but it’s necessary.

Because without it, we will not evolve into the future. We must build a better system.

At the expense of taking down the system that is causing the problem. This is the most important step and the survival of human civilization.

And that rather than focusing on caterpillar. The voracious organism that is dying, it is time to put our energy into the organism that is being born. And that is the butterfly version of human civilization.

Where human beings have the lightest touch on the planet. And can support our environment. Rather than undermining it. So, I’m not going to change the world, just because I said that. But perhaps I can change your perception just enough. Just enough to stop focusing on the negative because as we know in biology, the stress from that is enough to give you any disease.

And stress can kill you.

90% of illness on this planet is from stress. And if you look at the world you can see why the planet has a healthcare crisis on its hands.

It’s time to let go of the stress.

Let’s focus on the vision of beauty and moving forward. Because it’s an unimaginable story that can unfold.

The creation of heaven on earth.

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Imaginal Nation | Bruce Lipton

Imaginal Nation | Bruce Lipton

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Imaginal Nation | Bruce Lipton

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