Life Is Like A Jigsaw Puzzle

Life Is Like A Jigsaw Puzzle. One of my favorite hobbies is putting together jigsaw puzzles. In a digital world full of multimedia and various electromagnetic waves to distract our frequencies, it’s nice to be able to sit down and invest the time with oneself in more “analog” type activities. Some puzzles come with traditional shapes, others more unique. Sometimes you are looking for a pattern, sometimes you are trying all sorts of pieces until you find the right one so that you can move on.

Yesterday, I found an old collectible 550 piece Marvel Wolverine “Perseverance” Puzzle from 2003. What did I do? I built the puzzle, of course!

Marvel Wolverine Perseverance Jigsaw Puzzle
Marvel Wolverine Perseverance Jigsaw Puzzle

Here’s what I learned from the experience:

1. Life’s “Puzzle Pieces” Are Not Always Uniform

Upon unboxing the Wolverine puzzle, I noticed something rare. A unique surprise about the puzzle is that the pieces are random and unusual shapes.

Marvel Wolverine Perseverance Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces
Marvel Wolverine Perseverance Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

2. Life Ebbs and Flows

As a result of the different shapes, this was the most challenging and entertaining puzzle I’ve ever pieced together. During the process, there were moments where everything “clicked” and I was tiling pieces together seamlessly without any thought. Other moments it seemed like I was in an altered reality trying every single piece whether it made sense or not.

Sometimes life’s high tide, sometimes life’s low tide. Both are part of experiencing the ocean.

3. Growth Happens at The Edge of Your Comfort Zone

While I was building the puzzle, I tried something new. Normally, I am used to building the frame first, and then grouping similar pieces together as I go. This time, I flipped over every single piece right side up, grouping pieces ahead of time. At first, seeing all of the pieces face up seemed overwhelming. By adapting some new ways of doing things, I was able to get thru segments stumping me more quickly.

4. Pause To Take Breaks

It can be easy to get caught up in life experiences, whether they be leisure or work related. While I was immersing myself in the puzzle, I definitely lost track of time while being in the zone. Remember to be present and pause to check in with yourself. Eat well, get adequate sleep, and take care of the things you need to function optimally.

Better Consciousness Coffee Tea Break
What Do You Need?

5. What You See Is Not Always What Is Present

Sometimes we see things others do not, and vice versa. While my friend was looking at the puzzle from their perspective, they seemed to instantly identify pieces I had specifically been “hunting” a while for. I too, was able to identify pieces my friend was not able to, and quickly set them in place effortlessly. A good reminder to keep an open mind.

Marvel Wolverine Jigsaw Puzzle Perseverance Quote
Marvel Wolverine Jigsaw Puzzle Perseverance Quote


In conclusion, life is like a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes you’re killing it, sometimes you have to try every piece in order for you to move forward.


“Some people want it to happen… Some people wish it to happen… Others tear down the walls of resistance and make it happen.”

—Marvel Wolverine Perseverance Jigsaw Puzzle

Life is Like A Jigsaw Puzzle


Wolverine Perseverance Jigsaw Puzzle

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